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Mobile Video Poker Apps

Through various iterations, video poker continues to be one of the most popular forms of electronic gaming in the casino industry and it will come as no surprise to fans to find that it is a truly essential inclusion on any mobile casino app worth playing on. With all of the big names present, and a few surprises too, these are the apps to sign up with to enjoy some quality, HD video poker action.

One of the best things about enjoying video poker in any casino gaming environment is that the game is inherently crammed with variety. Whether you’re into the basics, such as Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild, or prefer something a little more out of the ordinary, grabbing your phone or tablet and firing up the best variant for your needs is simply a question of a couple of taps on the touchscreen.

Unbeatable Video Poker Choice at Mobile Casinos

If you’re used to playing video poker in land based venues and have never experienced it online or on a mobile device then we’re confident in saying that you’re in for a real treat when you pull out your phone. In a perfect world, land based casinos would have someone playing all of their machines, all of the time, and so they like to play it safe with the most appealing, easily accessible versions of the games such as Jacks or Better. Mobile casino apps are different in that the managers don’t really care what you’re playing, as long as you’re playing something and so they look to make their gaming ranges as extensive as possible with absolutely no downsides.

For video poker fans, this means the kind of choice that was previously only available online, but can now be found on all of the leading mobile casino apps. The biggest names in mobile slots also happen to be the biggest names in mobile video poker too, with players being able to enjoy all of their favourite variants. In many cases, the digital nature of the games even ensures that players can enjoy multiple hands in each round, using their check and fold decisions on a core hand to influence the outcome of up to a hundred other games at the same time!

Video Poker Apps and Mobile Sites

Many of the leading mobile brands, and several that we feature as our recommendations here on the site, offer their very own mobile apps for players to download and enjoy. Whether you’re on iOS or Android, the chances are that you’ll find an app on your respective app store that is packed with video poker, not to mention plenty of slots and table games too. However, when choosing a casino to sign up with, the availability of an app is of secondary importance. Even those without dedicated software will still be able to provide an excellent mobile gaming experience, simply because they offer fully optimised mobile sites instead.

In this case, you’ll visit an address in your mobile browser rather than using dedicated software, but the experience will be the same with identical games, plenty of video poker titles to choose from and all of the account management functionality that players have come to expect from the very biggest names in the industry.

Safe Mobile Video Poker Apps

When there’s cash on the line, every player wants to ensure that they can be sure of it being kept safe, along with their personal information. The fairness of the games is of paramount importance too, as no player wants to feel like they’re getting a bad deal even if the cards aren’t quite coming out right. That is why the choice of mobile app is every bit as important as your pick of the various video poker games available and here at App Casinos we proudly only recommend brands that we would be happy to play with ourselves. Indeed, in putting together the various app reviews here on the site, we have done just that and only recommend those that offered us a top-notch experience.

These brands have great reputations among players for a reason and they can always be relied upon to deliver great service through encrypted connections. The fairness of the games is generally decided upon by the developers rather than the casinos too, and they have their own reputations to protect. This generally leads to them seeking out their own independent verifications of fairness, with games being authorised before they even land at the casinos and in perfect condition by the time players get their hands on them.

The casino apps that we recommend to video poker players have also been explicitly chosen for not only being fair and safe, but also legal. We’re a UK-focused site and so we have UK players in mind when making our picks. That means that every recommended app needs to be approved and licensed by the Gambling Commission, often in conjunction with another licensing body. In most cases, this is the only seal of approval that players will need to know that they’re playing in the best place possible!