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Live Dealer Mobile Casino Apps

As far as many players are concerned, the only thing missing from a great mobile casino experience is the authenticity of interacting with real dealers and other players when enjoying their favourite table games. However, this is no longer an issue as some of the best mobile casino apps in the UK and beyond now feature live dealer gaming – and the following are the best of them.

In all fairness, the mobile selection is still on the small side compared to what you might expect to find in a real casino with genuine tables. That said, there is nothing at all to complain about if you’re into the most common games and the following are our picks of the games that best represent what mobile live dealer players can expect.

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Live Dealers in Apps and on the Web

As with most mobile casino games, the first decision for any player to make is whether to play through a dedicated mobile casino app, or instead to stick with the mobile website. Indeed, even some of the most popular mobile brands have no dedicated apps of their own, preferring instead to direct players towards the mobile versions of their main website. The good news is that no matter how you choose to tackle the action, you can expect a similar experience from each. Both generally use the same software standards to deliver live video feeds and controls, so you can generally make your picks based on the available games and bonuses without worrying too much about whether you can download any software.

Mobile Live Dealer Games

As with slots, table games and video poker, the majority of the action that is available with live dealers across phones and tablets has been adapted from online availability. To all intents and purposes, this means that you’ll find the same games when playing on your mobile as you would if you were to play online. In most cases, when a casino offers players the chance to enjoy mobile gaming action, you can expect to find at least mobile live dealer versions of roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

If you’re happy to dig a little deeper into what is available at these casinos then mobile versions of casino hold’em and even multiple additional takes on blackjack and roulette exist. Just like in a bricks and mortar venue, you’ll also often find version of the live games with different limits and denominations.

Live Action Around the Clock

One of the main reasons to play any casino game on your phone or tablet is convenience and one of the best things about live dealer games, especially in comparison to their land based counterparts, is that live casinos never close. They serve players all over the world rather than just in the UK, so what may be our idea of peak time will not fall into line with what other players might expect. Fortunately, there is enough demand for this style of gaming action among online and mobile players that the casinos simply never need to close, so you can always be sure of a seat. That’s not something that can be said about the land based option in either regard!

Many live casinos also introduce a social element to table gaming, although we will stress that this is completely optional if you prefer to focus on the game or simply don’t fancy typing on a phone keyboard! The developers have all gone out of their way to ensure that the games replicate the action found in a real casino as closely as possible and this can most definitely entail conversing with other players at the same table.

At the same time, one thing to bear in mind is that this can be one of the rare occasions in mobile gaming where players can find themselves waiting to be seated. With the style of gaming being reliant on real dealers, they can only serve so many players at once. As popular as it is, this is also reflected in the number of tables on offer at any given time and so players should be willing to wait around for a seat or, in some cases, have a backup plan such as playing a different game while they wait.

The Inherent Fairness of Live Mobile Gaming

It is not much of a stretch to point out that live casino gaming is inherently fair – at least as much so as its land based counterparts. You see the cards being dealt in live blackjack before your eyes, and watch the roulette wheel turn in real time. We only recommend safe and fair mobile casino apps anyway, but when you’re the person keeping an eye on proceedings and not relying on digital calculations, you can be assured that this is one of the very fairest ways to play.