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Mobile Blackjack Apps

If you want all of the thrills and spills of trying to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without the hassle of heading to the local casino or even going online for that matter, then mobile gaming is definitely the choice for you. We’ve rated the leading mobile apps out there and if you want to play the best blackjack going right now, these brands will not disappoint:

One thing that you can be sure of when playing on your mobile device is variety, and there are many more twists on the standard game of 21 than you might be accustomed to. All it takes is a couple of taps to switch between the regular game and one with far more going on, and we’ve featured the leading mobile blackjack games out there right now below.

Choosing the Right Mobile Blackjack App

If you’ve ever searched for blackjack on your respective app store, then you’ll know that there are plenty of ways to play out there. However, when it comes to such a simple game with so much winning potential, as far as we’re concerned there is no better way to indulge in the action than through playing for real. Naturally, that means that the best apps for blackjack are actually linked to one of the major mobile casino brands and the good news for fans of the cards is that every casino worth playing at has mobile blackjack right at the top of its list of priorities.

Essentially, the best blackjack apps have a lot to do with the best casino apps, and while many of them may feature mobile slots on their main pages, you can be sure that card and table games are every bit as important to. We’re always interested in great all-rounders as far as mobile casino apps are concerned and when it comes to blackjack, they always ensure that you’re in the right place.

Choice and Variety with Mobile Blackjack

If you head to the casino as normal, you’re beholden to whatever kinds of blackjack games they happen to be offering at the time. In the UK, that usually comes down to the most standard version, with the dealer drawing on sixteen, players being able to split the same cards – everything that standard blackjack offers basically. The only difference between the tables is generally that some of them have higher limits than others and that all comes down to the fact that casinos need to make a habit of only putting out the most popular tables due to space.

When you’re playing on your mobile, space is not a major issue and there is every chance that when you sign up with a mobile casino app for blackjack, you’ll encounter some versions of the game that you have never seen before. You can see the blackjack games that we’ve reviewed here on the site above, but could also dive straight in to any app that catches your eye, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to find mobile versions of Multi-Hand Blackjack, Double Attack Blackjack, Blackjack Surrender and much more. All of these games retain the basic principles of the original game, so they are by no means difficult to learn, but at the same time they bring a whole new dimension to the action that can make one of the more monotonous casino games into plenty of fun!

The Convenience of Mobile Blackjack

We’ve already established that mobile blackjack has the land based version beaten, simply because you can play it from anywhere, but it is also probably the most convenient mobile casino game in existence. In most cases, it is just you against the house so there is no waiting around for other players. Indeed, mobile blackjack is perfect for dipping in and out of as each hand has no impact on the next, so whether you’re on a short bus ride or even on your lunch break, if you fancy some gaming action with every chance of winning some real cash then one of the great mobile blackjack versions can definitely be the right pick.

Safe and Legal Mobile Blackjack

All of the mobile blackjack games that we feature here at App Casinos come from some of the most reputable gaming software providers in the industry. The likes of NetEnt and Microgaming specialise in mobile table games and they not only design their games to certain specifications, but also ensure that the odds are correct and that players will always receive a fair gaming experience. They even go out of their way to ensure that their games are fair by having them independently tested and verified before they even land on a mobile casino app, so players will be able to enjoy an authentic experience that is every bit as good as its land based counterpart.

Similarly, the casinos themselves are all fully licensed and regulated. The law dictates that for a gaming operator to offer real money play to those in the United Kingdom, it must be authorised by the Gambling Commission. Every app that we feature at App Casinos, whether it is for blackjack specifically or any other kind of casino game, has been chosen for a number of reasons but underpinning those reasons is the fact that it is perfectly legal and safe to play there.

There’s always a table open for anyone that is looking to enjoy some great mobile blackjack action and by choosing one of the very best apps around, you will find an unbeatable gaming experience!