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It is fair to say that Android device owners are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to mobile casino apps. From great games to top promotions, if you’re on an Android smartphone or tablet you can rest assured that you have full and unfiltered access to the biggest and best selection of games around. Such a range of choice means that there are of course decisions to be made – primarily which of the numerous apps out there to use for your real money play. Fortunately, we’ve done all of the legwork for you and you can take your pick of these truly outstanding brands for all your gaming entertainment:

The nature of Android as a platform means that you could be using just about any device to access the apps in question. It could be an older model or it could be the latest Samsung smartphone or tablet. The companies that develop these games and apps are well aware of this diversity and develop all of their software with this in mind.

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In practice, this means that the variety of processors, screen sizes and other hardware variants across the Android spectrum are dealt with comfortably. The games that we feature here on the site have been designed so that they will dynamically present themselves in the best way possible to the end user. So, if you’re on a smartphone, it will fill the screen and enhance the size of the controls, while the same game on a tablet will be functionally identical but will resize itself and look more like what you’d expect from a desktop screen.

Those same developers have long developed their platforms with Android in mind. If you enjoy a wide variety of different games then this is certainly good news as virtually every single mobile slot and game that is currently available at any of the top casino brands will work perfectly on your device. Some games, notably from Microgaming, are even exclusive to Android simply because they are so hardware intensive. Few other platforms can boast such exclusive titles, so you can be sure of never missing out on any of the latest and greatest casino releases.

Those new games, not to mention the established favourites, can all be played now for real cash and with real promotions and rewards in play at any of the casino apps featured above.