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NetEnt Pioneers First Ever Virtual Reality Slot Game

We regularly salute NetEnt here on the site for being one of the most creative and innovative developers in the world of gaming right now, but even we were taken by surprise by the latest direction in which the game maker is heading as they showcased what is, to our knowledge the first virtual reality slot game. Now, we knew that this would be coming eventually, although we expected the VR experience to involve walking around a casino and choosing games to play, effectively putting yourself ‘there’ in a land based environment and exploring in that manner. NetEnt, however, clearly had slightly different ideas.

Gonzo's Quest VR Slot

Rather than creating the full land based casino experience in a virtual reality setting – which we maintain will be something that is well on its way – they have instead chosen to focus solely on a single game. We figured that it would be something from the back catalogue rather than expending a brand-new release on a relatively limited market, and that at least proved to be correct as the game that they have chosen to promote in the new format is none other than Gonzo’s Quest! NetEnt slots do not come much more legendary than this and we can certainly have no complaints about their pick in this regard.

The game is all about exploring El Dorado with the trusty, armoured adventurer, and doing your best to find as much lost treasure as possible – which just so happens to be cash that heads straight into your bankroll. The functionality of the game remains largely the same as players will already be familiar with, with the rolling reels and free falls continuing to be a part of the action. However, a brand-new intro video and the chance to actually move around and explore in the Gonzo’s Quest setting definitely marks this game out as being one to watch. Based solely on previews, this looks likely to be a showcase of what is to come, without necessarily being the end goal that developers are looking to achieve – but there is certainly no reason why Gonzo’s Quest cannot return again in the future in yet another upgraded format.

Indeed, there is not much time left for NetEnt to make further tweaks to the system, as the game is scheduled to go live on June 1st, so virtual reality fans have only a week to wait before sinking their teeth into this one. It is being made possible by Slots Million Casino, which is the first brand to adopt virtual reality as a viable way of delivering gaming entertainment. Using an Oculus Rift, players can come closer to the reels than ever before and enjoy a truly unique gaming experience.

This is presumably the first of many virtual reality versions of existing slots that we can look forward to – we doubt that Slots Million would have launched a VR casino with just a single game after all, and the chances are that the other developers out there that are known for great graphics and creativity, like Yggdrasil and Play’n Go, are working on their own immersive games too.

While this particular game will require the Oculus Rift to play, mobile players will still take heart from the fact that the Samsung Gear VR is increasing in popularity and it would almost be a missed opportunity not to offer games on mobile devices too, given their capabilities. There is still a lot of guesswork involved and the full potential of the setup remains to be seen, but with NetEnt already involved at the earliest stage, we may well be looking deep into the future of gaming through a headset and a couple of extra-thick lenses!

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