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Gone but Not Forgotten – Replacing the Marvel Slots

Playtech, as a developer, has been out of fashion for some time now and we are the first to admit that their latest releases have been rather uninspired for going on two years by this point. They have also suffered a couple of significant hits to their reputation in recent times, but one reason to always go back to their games was the Marvel slots. Offered at such impressive and reliable casinos as Paddy Power and Bet365 in the UK, these games have long been some of the most popular in the world of gaming and an almost automatic pick for anyone looking to get involved with the action. The combination of familiar characters, themed features and four tiers of jackpots made them all outstanding games in their own right. Sadly, the process of removing them has been completed and Playtech’s Marvel slots are officially no more.

Marvel Slots removed

It was four years ago that we first heard rumblings of no more Marvel action on the reels, around the time that Disney acquired the company. Now, we can see the reasoning behind it, as Disney itself is all about being family friendly and slots and casino games do not exactly fit their profile – even if we could argue that Downtown Disney in Florida is not particularly family friendly either after a certain time of day! Nevertheless, we kind of knew that this was coming but plodded along on our merry way, enjoying our top three picks in Iron Man, The Avengers and Thor.

Indeed, we have great memories of this series. Iron Man was our first and we were always sure to try out all of the new games as soon as they became available. This covered two further Iron Man titles, plus basically a new one to go with every new movie release in the franchise up to the first Avengers film.

Then, along came Age of the Gods. When reviewing these games, we could not help but notice that the functionality was incredibly similar to the Marvel slots, almost like they had been created to take their place. The inevitable was approaching even if we tried to ignore it and now, finally, those games are gone.

The Official Replacements

The Age of the Gods games have indeed been created to fill a massive gap in the Playtech selection, to the point that Playtech itself has even released a list of comparable games. So, if you love the Marvel slots as much as we do and want to fill in the gaps following the official lines, then these are the suggestions – and we can see some notable similarities in some of the names:

  • Iron Man 2 – Age of the Gods – King of Olympus
  • The Incredible Hulk – Age of the Gods – Prince of Olympus, somehow implying that the Hulk is the son of Iron Man
  • Fantastic Four – Age of the Gods – Furious Four, in the most flagrant copy-catting of the lot
  • The Avengers – Age of the Gods, the core game in the series
  • Elektra – Age of the Gods – Goddess of Wisdom, although quite why Elektra gets a replacement when it was probably the worst game of the lot, we do not know!

So, you could follow that path, or you could break with tradition and play mobile slots that share plenty in common with the original Marvel slots without needing to stick with Playtech. We have a few suggestions of our own up our sleeves and while none of these games are identical, they could well be exactly what you are looking for and, unlike some of the leading Marvel games, they are all available on mobile devices too!

For Superhero Fans

There can be no question that the leading characters on the Marvel slots were the driving factor behind the popularity of the series – we probably would never have played Iron Man were it not for the fact that it was Iron Man on the game. The superheroes are the draw – just ask the movie studios – and if you want to follow up on that, these games are sure to deliver.

  • Justice League by NextGen Gaming. If you cannot get involved with action on the most famous Marvel superhero team-up then you may as well do it with DC Comics instead. This game may lack the jackpots of the Marvel range, but for themed features and familiar comic book characters, it basically does not get any better than this.
  • Natural Powers by IGT. They may not be the most notable superhero team in the world, or indeed not really notable at all, but the Natural Powers are packed with charisma and, crucially, all have a special feature associated with their abilities. IGT never disappoints when it comes to gameplay and this is a big game with a lot to like about it, ensuring that it has every chance of filling in the gap, especially for fans of the fifty-line variants of the Marvel slots.
  • Super Heroes by Yggdrasil. You want to make a superhero slot but all of the good licenses are taken and you probably couldn’t afford one anyway. What do you do? You make up your own. This game follows the same style as Natural Powers, but with a more diverse range of characters. It boasts all of the flexibility of the Marvel slots, together with some great added bonuses too.

For Jackpot Hunters

Also of interest on the Marvel slots were the four tiers of jackpots on offer to players and while even the top prize paled in comparison to what could be won on some other games, the fact that the smaller jackpots were hit every few minutes or hours ensured that there was always a chance of a big win. If you still fancy the biggest wins, and do not mind missing out on the heroes themselves, these slots are a must.

  • Mega Fortune by NetEnt. NetEnt’s flagship jackpot slot has made plenty of millionaires over the years and, as on the Marvel slots, you are not necessarily all in on the top prize as there are two lower ones to be won. The jackpot round is entered with a symbol combination rather than at random so there is a chance of hitting it big no matter your stakes.
  • Mega Moolah by Microgaming. For years, Mega Moolah was the definitive jackpot slot and now that it can be played on mobile, it is massively enjoyed by Microgaming fans. Generally speaking, either this game or Mega Fortune will boast the biggest jackpot in the world on any given day, so it is always worth keeping an eye on, and it offers three lower jackpot tiers too.
  • Hall of Gods by NetEnt. Recently added to mobile casinos, but already massively popular online, Hall of Gods takes the Norse theme popularised on games like Thunderstruck 2 and throws in a number of different jackpots. If you loved Thor and want something that scratches the same itch, this game most definitely will not disappoint.

So, whether you want the same action as before but with a different skin, or want to branch out and leave Playtech behind for an all-round superior experience from NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil or IGT, the choices are out there and while the Marvel slots attained legendary status and are now gone, they will definitely never be forgotten!

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