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Aliens and Both South Park Slots Removed from NetEnt Partner Casinos

Only recently, we were lamenting the loss of Playtech’s Marvel slots from the reels after their agreement with Disney ended – although this was at least a decision that has been four years in the making. More of a shock happened this month when we noticed that both South Park games and also Aliens had disappeared from the game maker’s partner casinos. It is rare for some of the most popular and best-performing games to leave a casino’s game selection, and even rarer for it to happen with no notice at all, but having checked each and every one of our recommended partner brands, we found no sign of them at all.

South Park Slot Game Removed

As of right now, there has still been no official explanation for the removal of the games, although we can only speculate that the licenses behind them were acquired on a temporary basis. When they expire, the developer no longer has the right to use the elements of their featured brand in their games, and are effectively prohibited from offering the games altogether.

The South Park games were probably something of a one-off, especially given that there have been no more new releases in the series in the past couple of years, regardless of how popular the games became in their own right. With Aliens, it is a little trickier to judge, as we always assumed that the game was offered under the same agreement that saw the likes of Creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein and Dracula making their way to the NetEnt reels. Nevertheless, the games are now gone and there are no signs that they will be returning – so we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a couple of our top alternatives.

Mobile Slots for South Park Fans

The South Park slots were great, of that there is no question. They were packed with features, graphically accurate and some of the best all-round games that we had ever played. However, fans should not be too disappointed, as a couple of games stand out as being the perfect replacement.

  • Family Guy by IGT. From our own personal experience, if you like South Park then the chances are that you like Family Guy too – even if both shows have mocked each other relentlessly over the years. Like the South Park games, IGT’s Family Guy slot is hugely character driven and there are plenty of features associated with all of them that are sure to keep the action flowing.
  • Warlords – Crystals of Power by NetEnt. The game may not be branded, but who better to replace their own games than NetEnt themselves? Warlords – Crystals of Power is also a character-driven slot with plenty of bonus action involved, and we have a sneaking suspicion given the timing of the game’s release that this one might well have been designed to cover for the loss of some core action.

Mobile Slots for Aliens Fans

There are few direct replacements for Aliens, not least because it is one of the most atmospheric slots that we have ever played. It may have been getting up there in years a bit, but it boasted an inherent charisma that is hard to replace. Nevertheless, all is never lost in slots gaming and we have some pretty atmospheric games of our own to feature!

  • Dracula by NetEnt. Sure, this is the obvious pick, but it is based on a movie and is every bit as tense as Aliens at certain points. It is more cartoonish than the first game, but that still seems to work out rather well overall and we can have no complaints in that regard. The only worry is that this could end up becoming subject to the same licensing restrictions as the last game, so it might well be worth playing it while you still can!
  • Sherlock Holmes – The Hunt for Blackwood. Movie tie-in? Check. Packed with atmosphere? Check. There may not be any aliens on this game, but with thirty lines and six different bonus features, you might well start playing this one and forgetting all about who Sigourney Weaver is, with Robert Downey Jr becoming the new object of your slots gaming affections!

All of these games are available on mobile devices now. If you already have a mobile slot account with a leading NetEnt casino from playing South Park, South Park – Reel Chaos and Aliens then you will find Dracula and Warriors – Crystals of Power in the same kinds of places. If you would prefer to check out IGT, be sure to take a look at our Sherlock Holmes and Family Guy reviews, and head on over to the mobile casino reviews here on the site for all you need to know about the best places to play. In some cases, some of our favourite casinos even offer games from both developers and many more at the same time, and they are definitely worthy of your attention!

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